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Subject Young Chang officially sponsors the movie, 쁍odame Cantabile.
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Date 2010/09/27 View 5790

Young Chang Musical Instrument officially sponsors the movie, 쁍odame Cantabile.

쏬ove comes to you together with the classic melody in September.

쁍odame Cantabile VOL. 1 (original tile: 겗걽굙궖꺍궭-깛꺃永귝쮥塋 뎺渶) which will be opened in Korea will be officially sponsored by Young Chang Musical Instrument, the first company in domestic musical instrument b2.

Nodame Cantabile, the ultra special music title of Japan, brings the sweet romance and high level of classic melody with the featuring of Nodame Gumi (Ueno Juri), a weird but lovely pianist and Chiaki Sinichi (Tamaki Hirosi), the genius conductor with wild attractiveness to feel in romantic atmosphere in Paris, France!

Young Chang Musical Instrument, the best music company in Korea, sponsors Nodame Cantabile with the special music contents is the original and motive for the great hit drama of Korea, Beethoven Virus, and implements this meaningful movie event together.
In the Naver movie event for 쁂heering of Nodame Vol. 2, this company seeks for beautiful story of you who needs the piano the most and will present a Young Chang Upright Piano, Young Chang18F3.
This event will be supported by Young Chang Musical Instrument that will pay all costs in taxes and dues, transportation and others and it represents the dream of Young Chang Musical Instrument to spread out the beautiful sound to make enriched world.
We hope to have your great interest in the top-notch movie, Nodame Cantabile, and Young Chang Musical Instrument cheers for 쁍odame with great dreams through your valuable stories.

We hope you to find love in September together with the beautiful sound of Young Chang Musical Instrument.