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Interview with President Choi Jun-wook of US Corporation, 쏣xpand the US dealer for two times with the strengthening of publicity campaign

쏽oung Chang Musical Instrument has become the world best piano and musical instrument specialty maker as the local brand built on technology of 54 years and sophisticated master mind of Korean. We hope to come closer to the Koreans in America with pride.
The CEO of corporation, Choi Jun-wook, for the Korean comprehensive market manufacturer, Young Chang Musical Instrument, emphasized the aggressive marketing and customer support on Korean community in the US as he visited this newspaper company on the 3rd.
The CEO Choi said that 쐔he excellence of Young Chang Musical Instrument will be publicized to the main line of America and Korean community by strengthening the publicity and marketing activities on the US market, and added that, 쐇n particular, the Company plans to expand the current 120 US dealer networks to twice the size by the next two years with the strengthening of publicity and support activities on the Korean community.
Young Chang Musical Instrument was founded in 1956 when the wounds of the Korean War was yet to be forgotten and has been instrumental to lead the piano and musical instrument industries of Korea up to 1990s. As it experienced management problems with the IMF Crisis, but as it was acquired by Hyundai Industrial Development Group (chairman: Jung Mong-kyu) in 2006 to enjoy its second development phase as the global musical instrument manufacturer. In Korea, it enjoyed to take the top position of the brand power in the piano industry for 11 consecutive years as selected by the Korea Management Association and number one in customer satisfaction for 10 consecutive years.
Young Chang Piano, its main product, uses the spruce plate as the best sound delivering coefficient with its pin block for higher supporting with 17 layers of maple tree as well as the warranty of 12 years, the longest of its kind in the industry. Also, through the independent digital musical instrument brand in 쁊urzweil, it has marketed the electronic musical instrument products, such as, digital piano and the like.
The CEO Choi said that, 쐔he company plans to contribute to the human resources in music by establishing concert for the Korean community in the US and support the music activities of the Korean community to fulfill its social corporate responsibilities. In the meantime, Young Chang Musical Instrument has implemented various summer special discount events by selling its Upright Piano for USD2,799 at its official dealer for Korean in Southern California region, Hans Music & Piano.

Hans Music: (213) 427-1600