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Subject Young Chang has expanded the US dealer network for two times
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Young Chang Musical Instrument has expanded the US dealer network for two times

The US Young Chang Musical Instrument Corporation of Korea (head of corporation: Choi Jun-wook) has released its new products and strengthened the marketing activities in the American region by expanding the dealer network in the US.
Young Chang Musical Instrument, with its head office in Rancho Dominguez, invited some 100 people in dealership, music education and other education fields in California were invited to Norwalk Marriot Hotel on the 22nd to have the publicity event for 쁍ight of Music to introduce the company and new products of Young Chang Musical Instrument.
On this day, Young Chang Musical Instrument introduced the new products of general piano, such as, 쁚oung Chang, 쁀lbert Weber and others as well as the X-Pro digital piano and synthesizer new products that the digital musical instrument brand in Kurzweil.
X-Pro digital piano and synthesizer products are new products released with the goal on Japanese digital equipment competition as it loaded the next generation 쁌ara source chip and others.
The CEO of corporation, Choi Jun-wook, indicated that the company will strengthen the publicity and marketing activities to publicize the excellence of Young Chang Musical Instrument to the US market, and he added that the current 120 US dealer networks to twice the size by the next two years.
Established in 1956, Young Chang Musical Instrument has been instrumental to lead the piano and musical instrument industries of Korea together with Samik Musical Instrument up to 1990s. As it experienced management problems with the IMF Crisis, but as it was acquired by Hyundai Industrial Development Group in 2006 to enjoy its second development phase as the global musical instrument manufacturer.

Reporter Cho Hwan-dong of KOREA TIMES