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Subject Participated in NAMMSHOW, one of the top 3 musical instrument exhibitions
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Date 2010/09/27 View 1041

NAMMSHOW (Anaheim, CA, USA), one of the top 3 musical instrument exhibitions around the world was held as follows.

1) Event period: January 14, 2010 (Thu) ~ January 17, 2010 (Sun)
2) Event place: Anaheim Convention center, California U.S.A
3) Exhibition type: Exhibited in independent booth type for YOUNG CHANG and KURZWEIL
4) Exhibited musical instrument
 - Piano: New product concert Grand AW275, Grand AW185, Upright Young Chang12 and Young Chang14 and 14 items to exhibit
 - Electronic musical instrument: New product in PCONSECUTIVE YEARSK, SP76ii, X-Pro BG, CP-1, MP-10 and others for 10 items to exhibit
5) Main events
 - Piano: Introduction of contents in new product development and demonstration performance
 - Electronic musical instrument: Introduction of new product X-PRO series and demonstration performance
6) Lecture and invited guests
 - Piano: YOUNG CHANG Piano craft & designer, Delwin D. Fandrich and others
 - Electronic musical instrument: Raymond Kurzweil, Stevie Wonder and others